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IELTS Singapore | IELTS

The full meaning of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. It is a test meant to test the proficiency of takers in the use of English language, and it is taken as an independent test.

IELTS is becoming more popular as more countries, schools, and establishments are now using it as one of the conditions for admissions, and employment. More over the use of English as a means of communication is going higher day by day; hence more people are registering to take the IELTS Singapore test.

The tests can be taken from any parts of the world, either for the purpose of securing employment or for University admission. If a student in Singapore should seek admission into Universities abroad where they demand for the proficiency in the use of English, such a student can take the test and forward the result to the school.

Once the school received the result, they will process the admission using the IELTS Singapore result together with other relevant results, and certificates that are required for such admission.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada, are among the major countries that demands for it for entrance into their Universities, and also for people that wants to further their careers in their countries in any profession they wish to do so.

The University of Cambridge, British Council, and IDP Education Pty Ltd, are the organizations that jointly runs IELTS, and they have tried to keep the standards of the exam, and every other things related to it are kept at a high standard that such an important examination deserves.

The countries and organizations that have come to accept the test have been able to do so because of the high level of standard of administering the test, and processing of the results. IELTS Singapore has actually given takers from virtually all parts of the world the equal opportunity to test their proficiency in the use of English.

What IELTS Entails, and How to Go About It

IELTSThe questions that are served to takers are all the same, irregardless of their level of literacy, in as much as they are taking the IELTS Singapore test for the same purpose they get the same paper. At this junction you need to know that the papers are generally divided into two; which are academics, and General Training.

The academic IELTS exam is meant for students that are looking for admission; hence everyone that falls under that category will answer the same questions.

The other exam which is General Training type is meant for workers that want to proceed out of Singapore to pursue their careers in the countries where demand is being made for the results of proficiency in English.

There are 4 tasks that are required to be performed in the IELTS Singapore test, they are all compulsory, and the cover all the aspects of using the English language for effective communication. They include; reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Comparing the tasks, both academics, and General Training takers will do the same listening and speaking tasks, but different writing and reading tasks.

The scores of these tasks are graded form level 1 to 9. The 9 is he highest, and it is not compulsory a taker has to get 9 before he is considered for the reason why he took the test. Different Universities asks for different scores, hence when you apply to a particular school try to find out the grade score that they accept for IELTS test.

The lowest all time score demanded by the Universities had been 5. A good check which should include the type of test you are to sit for, and the required scores that is needed is very important in issues like this.

For those who are learning English as a second language IELTS is very good for them to use to test how good they are in their learning and how effective they can be in the art of communicating in English.

Before you can be eligible to take the test, you have to register for the exam with the authorized centers that are administering it. For Singaporeans there are two qualified centers like that are the British Council and the IDP British Council.

The cost for the exam which you will pay at the point of registration is $310, with about 3 exams being written on monthly basis.

Your success at the exam will largely depend on how you are able to prepare for it, generally the questions are not difficult, but requires the needs for the takers to prepare adequately well especially with sample questions that will help them familiarize with what they will expect in the test.

A certain level of English usage is necessary to partake of the test, anyone that does not have this qualification does not feel comfortable enough to take the test can go for private tuition to help improve upon what they have before, and to prepare them for the exam.

This option of home tuition service in order to be successful at the testing system is tasking but can be very good, at achieving the aim of success. Though it means payment of additional money which will depend upon the type of tutor you are willing to take, the duration of the course, the venue where the teaching will takes place, etc.

If you cannot hire a private tutor, you can register with a normal school for the language course. This is less costly, and will give you the advantage of interacting with other people who are also preparing for the IELTS test.

This is a very good development because you will able to hear from others how they are coping with the waiting for the exam, that information can ginger you up to either work harder or to ensure that you do enough practice of questions that can help you pass the test.

You can also get books that are written specifically for those preparing for IELTS exam to complement your efforts, and those things you have learnt in the classroom.

These books come in several level, and area of coverage of English language, but particular many of them offer the ways to pass the exam. You can choose to buy any of these books according to your needs.

Some of the books are guides, some are questions, and some contains both, but you must choose what you want out of the lot.

Though IELTS is an international exam, you can pass it easily if you prepare well for it.


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